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Want to feed someone, touch lives, and make the world a better place, just by getting served a special delicacy of your choice? You’ve come to the right place.

The Cardigan Kitchen strives to achieve a blend of taste and humanity. We’re a not-for-profit dedicated to impressing your taste buds with tasty meals, while at the same time ensuring that the needy in our societies do not starve. We believe in the saying, “a hungry man is an angry man.” A hungry man would terrorize his community in a bid to get fed.

We achieve this through the sale of specially prepared dishes at prices slightly higher than usual. Every meal purchased contributes about four meal packets to our foodlanthropic endeavor.

Cardigan Dines Out: Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar

Zinburger probably isn’t the first place I would think of when dining in the Buckhead area. But, when an invitation is extended to dine on lots of burgers, milkshakes, and pies, well, I can’t turn that down! I’m always a bit skeptical of chains but I was pleasantly surprised with Zinburger. We started with a refreshing sangria, cheekily called the “Zingria,” and before we knew it we were being showered with appetizers and burgers.

Buckhead Dining: Sushi

The fifth location for the Miami-based restaurant group, Doraku offers sushi and inventive takes on Japanese-fusion cuisine. I was particularly excited to try this location because I used to frequent the downtown Miami location and remember loving how fresh their sushi was.

Cardigan Dine Out: Behind The Scenes At Cobb Galleria

When I received an invitation through the Association of Food Bloggers to dine at the Cobb Galleria Centre, I was interested, but also a little skeptical. I was concerned that we would just be dining on less-than-stellar convention center food. However, I was intrigued, since it was a multi-course menu with wine. And who can resist that?

What is Foodlantrophy?

Formed from a contraction of two distinct words, Food and Philanthropy, Foodlanthropy can be described as the desire to enhance the welfare of others, usually expressed through the generous donation of food and food materials to charities and other good causes. It could be from an individual or an organization.

In many parts of the world, foodlanthropy takes several dimensions. It ranges from an individual donating raw or ready-made food materials to the needy within their locality to not-for-profit organizations being set up, where foods are donated and subsequently made available to those in need of them, through a network of community agencies.

The most common one, however, involves ‘foodlanthropic’ restaurants serving special meals at more significant rates than normal and using the proceeds from such endeavor to provide food for starving people around. This practice is what we’ve adopted at the Cardinal Kitchen.

About The Cardigan Kitchen

Food is life; every human needs food. It plays an essential role in our lives. Without it, we can’t survive. It transcends daily sustenance; acts as a symbol of love and hope. Food brings people together. It ensures the continued growth and development of the human race.

However, its availability is not evenly distributed among the human population, due to variations in socioeconomic characteristics. While the struggle of some people is in choosing the right and healthy diet, that of others lies in getting just about anything to fill their stomachs. Good food is a myth to many around the world, and this has, in no doubt, contributed to the rising crime rate across the globe.

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