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Last weekend, I was invited to join a group of bloggers for brunch at First Watch. First Watch is a chain of breakfast restaurants that started in my home state, Florida. Now they’re starting to pop up here in Georgia, throwing their hat in the ring against the other two breakfast chains here, Another Broken Egg and Egg Harbor (I think First Watch missed the egg-in-the-name requirement).

first watch menus

Everyone knows I’m not a big fan of chain restaurants; but, they do serve a purpose sometimes. While it’s really easy to find a Sunday brunch spot, it’s not always easy to find a breakfast spot. So, it’s kind of nice having an option that’s open early every day of the week.

Of course the few times I’ve been to First Watch in various cities it’s always packed, but they do a great job of moving things along (so that’s a plus). They also have great lighting- so bright and cheery!

What I had:

Our group was given a couple of samples off of their new “Jump Start Menu.” We got to try the avocado toast and Day Glow juice. Of course I am doing the Whole 30 but when I saw the toast…

first watch avocado toast

…I just couldn’t help myself! All of that beautiful avocado with lemon juice and olive oil. Who could resist? I let myself have a piece. Then I scraped off the avocado from another piece of toast- because I’m shameless.

The Day Glow juice was delightful- you could tell it was fresh. It was a blend of carrots, oranges, lemons, and ginger.

first watch juice and toast
For my entree I behaved myself and ordered an egg white omelette off the “Healthier Side” of the menu. The Tri-Athlete: egg white omelette filled with roasted cremini mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and green chilies; with house made salsa.

first watch omelette

I liked it, but was sort of underwhelmed. I think because it was supposed to be “healthier” it lacked a little bit of flavor, and there really wasn’t that much filling. I was a bit jealous of my fellow diners who ordered much more colorful and interesting dishes like the Parma Hash, or the granola and pancake enjoyed by brunchmates at Friday Date Night.

While I didn’t love my omelette, I certainly enjoyed my First Watch experience! I loved sampling the Jump Start items, and even liked the coffee. I’m definitely looking forward to going back to my neighborhood First Watch when the breakfast craving hits.

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