Cardigan Dines Out: Behind The Scenes At Cobb Galleria

When I received an invitation through the Association of Food Bloggers to dine at the Cobb Galleria Centre, I was interested, but also a little skeptical. I was concerned that we would just be dining on less-than-stellar convention center food. However, I was intrigued, since it was a multi-course menu with wine. And who can resist that?

I’m really glad I went because Chef Nick Walker is out to prove that the food at the Cobb Galleria is not your run of the mill catered food. No over-processed chicken breast on a plate here, y’all. Chef Walker and his team are doing amazing things and we got to experience a 5-course dinner where they showed off their art.

Dinner got off to a pretty cool start when we met in the lobby of the Cobb Galleria and walked into its kitchen where a table was set up conference-style. And we were greeted with sparkling wine. I’m definitely a sucker for bubbly.

I was smitten with the charred carrot soup. The seasonings were so warm and nicely balanced by the yogurt topping. There was also a small piece of grilled cheese garnishing the soup, making it a small dose of comfort. Chef Walker said the soup was really easy to make and that he’d share the recipe, so don’t be surprised if you see it here soon!

We were treated to three different dishes with proteins: quail, rabbit, and catfish.  The quail was fried in a spicy buttermilk batter and was served on a pancake. We all joked that it was the more upscale version of a chicken and waffle dish.

As much as I would love to dine in Chef Walker’s kitchen on a regular basis, sadly I cannot. This was a special showcase of what he and his staff do for people hosting events at Cobb Galleria Centre and use his catering services. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, meeting- Chef Walker and his team can get that breakfast, lunch or dinner for you. Everything is made in house or sourced as locally as possible.

Chef Walker was incredibly entertaining- we found out he interviewed for Top Chef, so there’s hope he’ll be on there one day!