Zinburger probably isn’t the first place I would think of when dining in the Buckhead area. But, when an invitation is extended to dine on lots of burgers, milkshakes, and pies, well, I can’t turn that down! I’m always a bit skeptical of chains but I was pleasantly surprised with Zinburger. We started with a refreshing sangria, cheekily called the “Zingria,” and before we knew it we were being showered with appetizers and burgers. 

Let’s discuss the highlights, shall we?


My favorite appetizers were the zucchini fries and onion rings. The onion rings could’ve been a little smaller- they fell apart really easily- but, I’m not sure I’ve ever met an onion ring I didn’t like. The zucchini fries were truly enjoyable, lightly battered, and not too greasy. 


The stars of the show at a place called Zinburger, right? My favorites were the Zinburger (zinfandel braised onions and manchego cheese), the Blanco Burger (pepper jack cheese and guacamole), and the tuna sandwich (not a burger, but delicious).

All of the burgers were tasty- juicy and medium-rare. I appreciated that the meat was locally sourced and the patties were handmade, and not overworked. The buns were a real treat- they’re potato rolls from local Atlanta bakery, “Best Bread Baking Company” and they quite possibly may be the best potato rolls I’ve had.

I think I liked the tuna sandwich the most! It was fresh and rare (which I love). It was light and topped with a cool, crunchy coleslaw which kept the texture interesting.