Cardigan Dine Out: Brunch At Revival

When Decatur gem Revival opened two years ago it quickly became one of my favorite spots. Upon stepping in the cozy old house (really old, it was built in the early 1900’s) it’s clear that the staff wants you to feel welcome and that you’re in for a treat. Southern food isn’t my favorite cuisine (despite living in Atlanta for three and a half years), but the food at Revival makes my heart sing with joy. Why? The red-bearded master, Chef Kevin Gillespie, puts such care into the ingredients he uses and the preparation of the dishes. The restaurant is an homage to Gillespie’s years as a youth in the south and the food he grew up with, but we’re getting the fancier version with farm-fresh ingredients and “refined culinary techniques.” Although the restaurant is the brainchild of Gillespie, the executive chef is Andreas Muller who puts his own touches on the restaurant’s menu.

Revival launched a brunch menu recently which will be a welcome addition to your Sunday brunch rotation. The menu is approachable and stacked with crave-able dishes that’ll make you want to roll out of bed and grab a table. Keep reading to see what we had!

Here’s what we loved at Revival

Start with the old fashioned warm cinnamon roll with buttermilk frosting. I don’t care if you’re on a diet, just DO IT. It’s warm, gooey, and all the cozy things Sunday brunch should be. Dunk a chunk of it in your cup of coffee. It’s okay if you can’t finish it- it weighs about half a pound, after all. But it’s worth it even for a few bites (take the rest home).

I had a tough time choosing between all the enticing entrees. French-style omelet with soft herb cheese? Baked local farm egg crepe smothered in toasted cheese sauce? YES PLEASE. It all sounded so good! I’m a sucker for a cornmeal crust, though, so I went for the cornmeal fried catfish with smoked cheddar grits, milk gravy, and hot sauce.

It was a great decision. The fish is crispy but tender and the grits are infused with a lovely lemon flavor making them so much more interesting than your usual cheese grits. I was happy that they didn’t drown the fish in gravy, they used just enough. And who doesn’t love zesty hot sauce?

Maybe I didn’t need a side dish, but I really wanted to try their green tomato casserole. I probably wouldn’t get it on the side of such a heavy dish again, but I totally recommend it if you go with someone who also likes green tomatoes (Jon does not). The bowl it was served in was super cute, too, and I kind of wanted to take it with me as a souvenir (don’t worry, I would never!).