About TCK

Photo by Kenan Hill

Hi! Welcome to the Cardigan Kitchen.

Here at TCK, you’ll find that I’m passionate about three things: cooking, dining out and foodlanthropy.

In the Kitchen

This blog started in 2013 as a way to share recipes with family and friends. I also have a love for all things locally produced – or grown! We have an abundance of local goodness here in Atlanta and I can’t help but show “local love.” Most of my recipes are on the healthy side, but, I have an indulgent side, too.

TCK Dines Out

As much as I enjoy cooking, I probably enjoy dining out even more. Atlanta has a great dining scene and my husband and I will drive all over the metro-Atlanta area for a good meal. So much to explore, so little time.


If you like to eat good while doing good, foodlanthropy is for you. A foodlanthropic event is centered around food, but supports a good cause. I try to give back to my community in different ways but foodlanthropy is my favorite. I may not make it to all of the foodlanthropic events, but I’m always more than happy to highlight them here on TCK!

Oh, and I never leave home without a cardigan. They’re the perfect way to keep just warm enough and they fit in my purse. My collection is always growing!

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